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About THE NDIS tracker

For too long, Disability Support Workers have operated in a sector where it’s normal to regularly perform duties on unpaid work time – coming in to work early or staying after a shift has finished, just to tick off the duties of the job. 

Every minute worked over NDIS funded hours equates to real wages Disability Support Workers are out of pocket. It also equates to vital funding NDIS participants are possibly losing out on.

Research shows that every dollar spent in the NDIS generates $2.25 for the economy.
Every dollar of unfunded work results in a loss of $2.25 to the economy.

When Disability Support Workers perform unfunded work, everyone misses out.

If we’re going to create a fair NDIS scheme, unfunded work time needs to stop!

Add the minutes of work you performed outside of your paid shift to the tally below, and let’s add up the real cost of an NDIS in need of major reform!

This tool will not be used to pursue unpaid wages. This tool gathers and displays worker-submitted data to map the widespread issues facing workers in the disability sector. The disability sector relies upon workers to cover gaps in funding and staffing – it’s time for major reform.

Should you wish to pursue unpaid wages please contact your union directly:

United Workers Union (UWU)
HACSU Victoria
HACSU Tasmania


This tool is powered by United Workers Union (UWU) and Health and Community Services Union (HACSU Vic and HACSU Tas).

The stats so far: